Walk from Carbondale to Nashville

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Walk to Nashville Virtual Event
No Registration or Fee Required. Free to everyone! Download your tracking form.

Carbondale, IL Walk to Nashville, TN

(Virtually, We Will Not Be Physically Traveling to Nashville, TN)

Walk with us as we journey on our way to Nashville, TN. Utilizing FitBits, pedometers, and phone count trackers, you will count/report your steps on your own tracking form (Click Here to Download).  Steps will be done completely on your own, but feel free to share pictures of your journey with our SIU Recreation Center at smashba@siu.edu or tag us on Facebook/Instagram.

To reach Nashville, TN a team of two needs to walk 400,000 steps or 200 miles.

Click the button below to download your own tracking form and save it on your computer. Communicate with your partner daily to track your mileage. We encourage you count your steps throughout your entire day and add them up each night. For this challenge 2,000 steps = 1 mile.

Download your tracking form

Who can participate?

Everyone is invited to participate! No registration required, and the challenge is FREE to everyone!

You and a Partner can participate together to complete this challenge.

When does the challenge take place?

This Challenge begins on July 13, 2020 at 12am. If you and your partner each walk 10,000 steps in a day, you will complete this challenge in 20 days. Send us that celebratory photo at the end of your mileage! We want to celebrate with you!!

Where am I?

Check out our Facebook Story/Instagram Story to take a look at the steps and the location of where you might be in your virtual journey to Nashville, TN. Don’t follow us on Facebook or Instagram? That’s okay! You can follow us now @SIURecCenter

Walk to Nashville Map

Places of Interest on the way!

Castle Park: 3.6 miles

7200 Steps

Built on August 22, 1993 in memory of Jeremy “Boo” Rochman.
Barrett Rochman bought the 3.5 acres and employed students from SIUC to design this amazing park.
This park was meant to attract local visitors, but has become poplar to Dungeon and Dragon Fans World Wide!
Keep going on your journey, but if you have the opportunity, stop by and see this amazing park!

Grassy General Store: 13.8 miles

27,600 steps

Owners Phil and Wilma Smith would love to see you as you are traveling through to Nashville, TN.
Stop by and pick up some snacks or some live bait to start your fishing trip off on the right foot!

Keep those steps up!

Tunnel Hill State Trail: 37.9 miles

75,800 steps

Bored already?!? Tired of traveling??
Look no further! Stop by the Tunnel Hill State Trail in Vienna, IL!

Once traveled by freight cars this trail was a way to view Southern Illinois’s Natural Beauty and transport coal, salt, wood products, and orchard-grown peaches and apples.
Ambrose Burnside, one of the developers from Illinois, is also known for transposing his last name to create the term “sideburns”.
The railroad is gone now, but eager individuals can hike, bike, or walk the trail.
So if your sides are burning for a new spot to walk your steps head on over to Tunnel Hill State Trail!

Metropolis, Illinois: 58.5 miles

117,000 steps

I am sure that we have all seen the huge superman statue! If you have not, you definitely need to and don’t forget your camera! Each year there is a Superman celebration and people come from all over the world for this event.

This year the celebration (June 8-June 11) is dedicated to the memory of Noel Neill, who portrayed Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman television series.
Stop by and see the statue or go enjoy the celebration with the rest of the world in the memory of Noel Neill! Don’t forget your red and blue tights!

Paducah, Kentucky: 64.9 miles

129,800 steps

You are no longer in Illinois! WOW! Look how far you have walked!

So most of us have all been to Paducah before and instead of getting boring facts that you may already know, I will try to impress you with things that you did not know!

On Jan. 21, 1937 the Ohio River rose above its 50-foot flood stage, cresting at 60.8 feet on Feb. 2 and receding again 50 feet on Feb. 15. This went on for nearly three weeks forcing 27,000 residents to flee their homes. Buildings in the downtown area still have plaques that show where the high water marks once stood!

What a perfect opportunity to walk around and see those plaques!! Keep going on your journey!
1937 Paducah Flood

Patti’s 1880’s Settlement: 90.6 miles

181,200 steps

Bill and Patti Tullar would love to have you and your family as their guests! Serving over 350,000 people each year, this settlement offers great food, beautiful gardens, a place to stay, and much more. Offering food everyone can enjoy, no should ever leave hungry from Patti’s. They make bread in a flower pot! Go check it out, grab a bite to eat, and keep walking! For more information: pattis1880s.com

Mineral Mound State Park: 100.4 miles

200,800 steps


Welcome to Mineral Mound State Park located in Eddyville, Kentucky!

Located along the shores of Lake Barkley, enjoy the serenity of the golf course and earn those steps! You may not know this, but Lake Barkley is historically linked to the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. How awesome is that!

Maybe golf isn’t your game? Travel along nearly 300 miles of hiking trails and see the beautiful scenery!
Keep walking to find out more!

Land Between the Lakes National: 111.3 miles

222,600 steps

This 170,000 acre playground in Western KY and TN is the perfect place to stop! At just $5.00 a vehicle you can ride along the Elk and Bison Prairie. This prairie offers a native grassland habitat common in KY more than a CENTURY AGO. How AMAZING!

Maybe driving through the prairie is not your thing? Then stop by and camp for the night. Wranglers Campground is open all year long. Check out the website and plan your trip today: landbetweenthelakes.us

Welcome to Tennessee: 130 miles

260,000 steps

State Bird: Mockingbird
State Slogan: America at its Best
State Motto: Volunteer State
State Horse: Tennessee Walking Horse
State Flower: Iris
State Animal: Raccoon, A Raccoon?!?!?! Yes, the Raccoon!
Fun Fact: The current population of Raccoons are on the increase and the average life span of a raccoon in the wild is 2-3 years. How fun will that be to share at the dinner table tonight?!

Beachaven Vineyards & Winery: 156.2 miles

312,400 steps

After all those steps, you deserve an opportunity to sit down and relax for a little bit!

21 and over for this stop. Enjoy the beauty of the vineyard while you relax with a nice glass of your choice of beverage. Also, if you appreciate music, then you may want to attend one of their “Jazz on the Lawn” events. Relax here for a minute and continue on your journey! You are so close!

The Red River and the Historic Bell Witch Cave: 158 miles

316,000 steps

At this point in your journey you have crossed a very mysterious river. Have you ever heard of the Bell Witch? John Bell and his family settled into northern Robertson County TN where they were responsible for farming 320 acres of land. In the late summer of 1817 the family started seeing strange animals around the property and late into the summer nights they would hear strange noises coming from inside the walls. On December 20, 1828 John Bell passed away… You’ll have to stop at this mysterious spot to fill in the Legend’s story. Take a candle lit tour of the cave, learn more of this story, and earn those steps!

Honeysuckle Hill Farm: 181.2 miles

362,400 steps

Really open during fall, this fantastic farm would be a great spot to stop! They offer fun that all ages can enjoy! Between the fall festival, scream creek, and the giant corn maze everyone can have a good time! What a great way to earn some steps by searching through a corn maze! Make sure they are open before you stop by for fun! Keep going you are almost to Nashville!

Nashville, TN: 200 miles

400,000 steps

CONGRATS! YOU DID IT! Time to enjoy your destination! We hope you enjoyed this employee wellness challenge! Stay tuned we may offer another opportunity!