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Effective November 20, 2020: The State of Illinois is moving to Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation.

  • Face masks are required at ALL TIMES when using the Student Recreation Center facilities, even while exercising. Masks are required on the pool deck; however, you may remove your mask upon entry to the water. When you exit the water, you must put your mask back on. If you are not wearing a mask you will be asked to leave.
  • The locker section of the locker rooms will be CLOSED. Access to the pool deck, showers, and restrooms will still be available.


Q: Is there anywhere I can change before/after swimming? 

A: The showers, restrooms, drying area, and private changing stalls will be open. We also have 2 inclusive changing stalls on the Northwest side of the pool deck. The locker section of the locker rooms will be closed off. You may retrieve personal belongings at any time.


Q: If I have trouble breathing with a mask, do I still need to wear it while exercising? 

A: Yes. If you wish to use the Student Recreation Center during the Corona Virus Tier III mitigation phase, the only option is for the mask to be worn at all times. The only exception will be for someone swimming laps in the pool or when someone is taking a drink. Our staff will be strictly enforcing this new mask policy and anyone who does not comply will be asked to leave. Masks pulled down below the mouth or nose are not acceptable.


Q: Is there anywhere that I may lock personal items while I am exercising? 

A: With the closure of the locker rooms, there is not any ideal location to store personal belongings. We recommend that you do not bring personal belongings into the facility. RSS is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.