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Instructional Classes are paid classes that we offer to SIU Students, RSS Members, and community members without a membership. Below is a list of classes that were available in Spring 2018. Keep an eye out for Fall 2018 offerings!

Salsa Dance


This energetic class is an introduction to dancing "street style" salsa and merengue. Focus will be on teaching the natural basic steps and dance techniques of salsa and merengue so that you can create your own unique style of dancing on the floor or on the street! Participants do not need to register with a partner to enjoy this class.

Learn more by visiting the Salsa Dance page here.

General Physical Preparedness - GPP September


This class will be a total body workout with combination of resistance and cardio training techniques to improve your overall fitness and prepare  you for anything! We will utilize free weights, body weight, stability balls, TRX, battle ropes, medicine balls, ladders, cones, and most importantly team work!

Learn more by visiting the GPP page here.

Barbell Training


Barbell training is a small group instructional class designed for anyone who wants to learn the proper use of a barbell. This one-on-one class setting will provide you with specific small group instructions focused on six basic movement patterns.

Learn more by visiting the Barbell Training page here.



Mix up your routine with flexibility and strength-building moves. While based on various forms of martial arts, this class will teach you the basics of kicking and punching. You will learn proper form and techniques, building combinations using sequences of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to help you develop the foundations of kickboxing. Come experience a full-body workout that challenges all major muscle groups while improving aerobic capacity, decreasing stress, improving focus and boosting endurance.

Learn more by visiting the Kickboxing page here.

Discover Scuba


Discover Scuba will give participants a basic understanding of how to scuba dive in the safety of a controlled environment at the SRC Natatorium. While not a scuba certification course, an Introductory Dive (also known as PADI Discover Scuba Diving) is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Learn more by visiting the Discover Scuba page here.