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Fine-tune your program to reach your personal best. A personal trainer can adjust your training schedule to blast through plateaus and reach the goals you have been working hard to attain.

  • $60 for SIU students
  • $70 for RSS Members
  • $80 for Non-Members


The RMR machine is currently out of order. If you wish to have RMR testing done, keep an eye out for when our machine is back up and running. Thank you for your patience!

RMR stands for resting metabolic rate. An RMR reading will allow you to see how many calories you burn while at rest, allowing you to accurately count your calories. RMR tests are perfect for people trying to:

  • Manage their weight
  • Track calories
  • Get more out of current technology


  • $20 for SIU students
  • $25 for RSS Members
  • $30 for Non-Members

Fast for at least 5 hours prior to testing and consume only water for optimal results. Avoid exercise for 12 hours before the test.

RMR-testing-1 RMR-testing-2

How to purchase?

To purchase Personal Training Sessions/ Assessments stop by Member Services on the first floor of the Student Recreation Center.

Unused sessions will expire four months from the date of the last training without prior-approved exception.

  • When signing up for Personal Training Sessions, remember that your first training session will be your fitness assessment (paid in advance).
  • The fitness assessment will include health history questionnaire, goal setting, cardiovascular testing, muscular strength/endurance testing and flexibility/movement assessments.