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Aikido Club

Any student who has a great love for alternative sports - such as fencing, badminton, or paintball - or a desire for healthy competition, should get involved in an RSS Sport Club. Sport Clubs at SIU offer students the chance to participate in an extracurricular activity and further an interest that may not have been offered in their particular high school.

The diverse types of sports offered range from team sports such as lacrosse, rugby, and water polo to individual activities such as fencing, Aikido, judo, and archery. Some sport clubs have separate men’s and women’s teams, while others are co-ed.

Each club meets at different times during the week to practice and many compete in tournaments with other universities. These tournaments allow members of a club to travel, meet students and clubs from other schools with similar interests, and participate in friendly sports competition.

If you want to get involved with a current sport club, need more information, or would like to start a new sport club that is not offered, please call Troy Vaughn, Director of Recreational Sports and Services at 618-453-1274 or email at