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See what participants have to say about the AIR Program.

"I have been a client of the AIR Program since mid-November of last year. The AIR Program has helped me improve a lot in many areas. For instance I am able bend my legs more, making it easier for mobility purpose. It has helped me improve in my physical strength. I have also been able to enhance my progress in completing my work out. The Total Resistance Exercises are the main type of exercises I partake in and it has become easier to do these type of exercises. I would recommend the AIR Program because it has helped me overcome and improve in my functionality."

"I have participated in the program for 6.5 years. The AIR program has given me a means by which to exercise, while providing adaptive accessibility. Since my surgery it has allowed me to maintain my functional capacity. The specific goals I have set for myself is to be able to do a complete cardiovascular workout on the hand bike each day that I work out. According to American College of Sports Medicine guidelines, a full cardiovascular workout should be between 20-30 minutes per day. Since returning to AIR after my surgery, I have worked up to 30 minutes twice a week on the hand bike. I would recommend the AIR program to others."

"I been personal training under the direction of Barbara Tyler for about 15 years. Training in the AIR program has helped me have a healthier body. The goals I have made for my exercise plan are gaining strength in my heart and body mobility. I recommend the AIR program to others because it will help them to have a healthier body as well."