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Sport Clubs
The Rec has 29 sport clubs. View the full list below.
SIU ESports
SIU ESports is a new sport club and is currently available.

Any student who has a great love for alternative sports (e.g. fencing, badminton, boxing, or fishing) and/or a desire for healthy competition should get involved in a sport club. Sport clubs at SIU offer students the chance to participate in an extracurricular activity, to develop their leadership and teamwork skills, and to find an interest that may not have been offered in their particular high school.

The diverse types of sports offered range from team sports such as lacrosse, rugby, and water polo to individual activities such as fencing, aikido, boxing, and archery. Some sport clubs have separate men’s and women’s teams while other sport clubs have co-recreational teams.

Each club meets at different times during the week to practice, and many sport clubs compete in tournaments with other universities. These tournaments allow members of a sport club to travel, to meet students and clubs from other schools with similar interests, and to participate in friendly sport competitions.

If you want to get involved with a current sport club, need more information, or would like to start a new sport club that is not offered, contact the Competitive Sports Office at 618-453-1273 or email at

SIU Sport Club Manual

Available Sport Clubs and Points of Contact

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Listing is in alphabetical order:

Start a new club

If you have a special interest and cannot find an existing sport club that address that interest, please follow the steps to create a new sport club:

  1. Check the list of current RSOs here and sport clubs here.
    • Answer the following questions
      • Is there an organization on campus already providing the same or similar activity?
      • Does an organization exists that might be receptive to your ideas, talents, interests, and enthusiasm?
    • If you answered yes to either of these questions, please speak with the existing organization to learn how you might become involved.

  2. If a current club does not meet your needs. consider the following questions before you submit an application to become a new RSO/sport club:
    • How will you define your organization?
    • What will be your goals and how will you accomplish these goals?
    • Do you have support from fellow students in this area of interest?
    • Do you believe these students would be interested in joining the newly formed organization?
    • What is unique about the organization?
    • What benefits will this group offer to its members?
    • What type of commitment are members required to make?
    • What will be the typical activities of the organization?

  3. Contact Competitive Sports Office to discuss the process of becoming a sport club.

  4. Complete the RSO registration process with the Office of Student Engagement. The steps for completing the process can be found here.

  5. Once all registration materials and supporting documentation have been received by the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and the OSE approves the application, the review process shall begin.
    • This process may last at least one month.
    • The student(s) will be expected to present their proposal to the Sport Club Executive Board and Competitive Sports staff.
    • After the registration review process is over, the designated student will receive an e-mail from Sport Executive Board indicating acceptance or denial of the sport club proposal.
      • Please understand that no funding will be allocated to the club until the registration review process is complete and the club has officially been approved for Sport Club status.
    • Any club that has been inactive for a period of more than twelve months (one year) shall seek reinstatement as a new sport club.
  6. Schedule and complete the mandatory sport club orientation.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a sport club?
    • A sport club is a registered student organization (RSO) that promotes and develops interest in a particular sport or physical activity.
    • Sport clubs are student-directed activities. The Competitive Sports Office provides policy oversight and guidance as necessary.
    • While sport clubs are not officially sponsored by the University, the Recreational Sports and Services (RSS) department provides limited support.
    • Most clubs may be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature.

  • What is the difference between intramural sports and sport clubs?
    As opposed to SIU intramural sports, SIUC sport clubs are interest groups primarily developed and led by SIU students. Sport clubs elect officers that schedule team practices and competitions, implement fundraising opportunities, and manage funds awarded by the Sport Club Executive Board. While sport club participants may compete in intramural competitions, sport clubs typically travel to participate tournaments across the nation and at home tournaments.

  • What fees are associated with sport club membership?
    Costs and fees differ among sport clubs. For more information, please contact the Competitive Sports Office at

  • How do I join a sport club?
    Any current SIU student and RSS member is eligible to join a sport club. However, only fee paying SIU students may travel and/or compete on behalf of the sport club. Please contact the Competitive Sports Office (618-453-1273 or for sport club contact information.

  • What clubs are currently offered?
    The SIU sport clubs program currently sponsors twenty-nine clubs. Please review the sport clubs list here.

  • How are the sport clubs funded?
    • SIU sport clubs funding has a variety of potential sources
      • Annual Allocations from the Sport Club Executive Board
      • Fundraising
      • Membership Dues
      • Donations
      • Revenue generated from hosting tournaments
    • SIU sport clubs are strongly encouraged to implement a fundraising plan.

  • Do I have to try out?
    Some clubs may hold tryouts for traveling or competitive teams. Please contact your sport club of interest for more information.

  • What is the Sport Club Council?
    The sport club presidents or their representatives comprise the sport club council. The Sport Clubs Council shall pursue the development of and fulfillment of program goals and objectives including recruitment, fundraising, risk management, marketing, recognition, and policy development. Perhaps most importantly, the Sport Club Council offers sport clubs an opportunity to share information and grow together.

  • What is the Sport Club Executive Board?
    The Sport Club Executive Board is five peer-elected members of the sport club council. While fostering the growth and development of new sport clubs and providing overall guidance to SIU sport clubs are important duties of the executive board, the Sport Club Executive Board allocates funding on an annual basis.