Student Staff Certification Scholarship

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RSS supports the professional growth and development of all student staff as they seek to obtain various certifications aimed at increasing their skill set as related to various jobs in the field of recreational sports and programs.

Funding Source/s:

The Certification Scholarship funds are generated through various special events hosted by Recreational Sports and Services as well as through donations from Alumni and other donors.

Award Info:

Determination of scholarship monies awarded is at the discretion of the RSS Professional staff and Director of Recreational Sports and Services.

The maximum amount awarded will be determined by the amount of funds available. The awarded amount will be no more than 50% of the certification cost. The scholarship funding will be awarded after the certification has been obtained.


Student employees that have been employed by Recreational Sports and Services for at least one semester are eligible for this award.

List of select eligible certifications:

  • CPR/AED/FA (American Red Cross)
  • Lifeguard (American Red Cross)
  • Lifeguard Instructor
  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Certified Sports Official
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Group Fitness Specialty Class Instructor (i.e. Zumba, Yoga, Aqua Fitness etc..)
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Other Qualifying Certifications

Determination process:

  1. The supervisor determines if they support the employee’s request for funding.
  2. The supervisor verifies the student’s employment tenure.
  3. The supervisor submits a request to Director with a statement of their support for the request.
  4. RSS professional staff will meet at the beginning of each month during an active semester (summer months and winter break by demand only) to determine awards.
  5. Director will notify the supervisor of approval/disapproval.

Reimbursement process:

  1. If an application for a scholarship is approved, the supervisor will submit the applicant’s financial information to Business Office.
  2. The Business Office will start the reimbursement process.
  3. Once the reimbursement process has started, the student will receive a physical check in the mail within four to five weeks.

How to apply

The student employee will submit the application package to their direct supervisor.

The application package should include the following:

  1. Cover letter stating how this certification will benefit professional growth/development (cover letter should be addressed to the Recreational Sports and Services Staff)
  2. Copy of relevant certification
  3. Proof of cost of certification
  4. Evidence of payment for certification (invoice/receipt/bank statement)

You will be able to upload the required documents when filling out the form, all items must be submitted while completing the form.

Apply for the Student Staff Certification Scholarship