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Cardio Hip Hop
Specialty Classes are FREE classes that we offer to SIU Students and RSS Members. Browse the Spring 2018 Specialty Classes below!


 A class for beginners to advanced cyclists - experience 120 minutes of challenging, fun, and exhilarating riding guaranteed to make you sweat and smile as you push yourself through the miles!

There are no remaining Cycle 120 classes in Spring 2018. Keep an eye out for Fall 2018!


Do you love choreographed dance routines? Then come jam and dance at Cardio Hip-Hop! A full body, cardio experience that incorporates hip-hop rhythm and thrilling choreography.

Learn more by visiting the Cardio Hip-hop page here.


Partner yoga isn’t your normal yoga class. This total body workout is designed for you to have fun with a friend, tone, and sculpt every major muscle group.

Learn more by visiting the Partner Yoga page here.


Join us and experience relaxation through yoga postures, breath work and calming scented essential oils to the accompaniment of live music.

Learn more by visiting the Yoga Live page here.