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Community Membership

Do you live in or near Carbondale and want to use the SRC? Then this is the membership for you! Individuals with no direct relationship to the University can purchase a Community Membership and have full access to all the opportunities available in the Student Recreation Center.

How much does it cost?

Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Price Annual Payment Monthly Payment
Primary $492 $442 $41
Primary + One $742 $667 $61.84
Add a Dependent* +$110 each +$100 each +$9.16 each

Semester Membership Fee

Semester Membership
(Prorated as the semester progresses)
Summer Fall / Spring
Primary $145 $177 / $177
Primary + One $205 $272 / $272
Add a Dependent* +$30 each +$40 each / +$40 each

*You may add as many dependents as you wish.

**If choosing to pay by month, first month's payment will need to be paid up front. Must submit a voided check or routing and account information on bank's letterhead at time of sign up.

***You may deduct the cost of membership from your checking or savings account. Download the Annual Membership Monthly Deduction Authorization form. Available to 12 month payment option ONLY.

Membership Benefits

Gain Access to:
  • Free Group Fitness Classes
  • An Olympic size swimming pool
  • 2 Running Tracks
  • Discounts on Personal Trainers & Classes
  • Over 80 Pieces of Cardio Equipment
  • 3 Fully Outfitted Weight Rooms
  • 15 Foot Rock Climbing Wall
  • Sauna

First time Sign up info

  1. Come to the SIU Student Recreation Center.
  2. Visit Member Services which is located on the lower level of the REC Center.
  3. Choose your Membership Type.
  4. Fill out required paperwork.
  5. Take a photo for your ID.
  6. Enjoy the REC!